University of California students support deal that ended 32-day strike, report says

 According to reports, University of California system students are in favor of the agreement with academic labor that ended a 32-day strike.

Dev Singh, a third-year student at UC Davis, told CBS News Sacramento, "I'm taking harder classes now, and that's when I need another help aside from the professor, and that's when I discovered the T.A.s are extremely necessary here." "At the very end, our assignments and papers were graded. I received my first project mark for one of my classes after my finals were over."

After academic workers pushed for wage raises and benefits enhancements, the UC system reached an agreement with over 36,000 graduate student teaching assistants and other academic workers on Friday evening, putting an end to disruptions at all 10 campuses.

The UC Berkeley union bargaining team member Tarini Hardikar stated in a news release on Friday that the tentative agreements "include incredible wage increases, expanded benefits for parent workers, greater rights for international workers, protections against bullying and harassment, improvements to accessibility, workplace protections, and sustainable transit benefits."

According to bargaining units, certain employees might receive rises of up to 66% over the following two years, according to the Associated Press. The agreements would be in effect until May 31, 2025.

One of the main criticisms from the academic staff was that, given their current salary, they couldn't afford to live in locations like Los Angeles, San Diego, and Berkeley.

According to graduate student at UC Davis Mohammad Reza Narimani, "They're even working [harder] than others in [private sector] industry, thus I think they deserve a greater income."

Yume Shek, a student, told the media outlet, "I suppose now we know our work are getting graded, and T.A.s can reply to emails again. That's fantastic,