One Piece future leaks

 Part 1: Luffy going to the future

The one who leaked says that Luffy will go to the past 900 years and 9 months ago. He will move to the past by merging the Kuma Fruit, and it will be used by Franky after the death of Kuma and Luffy's fruit.

funimation one piece

Luffy will meet two brothers, the eldest is the Crown Prince [Im] and the youngest is Diras [Joy Boy], Diras is nicknamed "Monkey" [monkey] while Im is called [the wise] Im is working with 20 countries in secret to stage a revolution to seize the throne because he knows that Diris will be next ruler 

Part Two: Editor's Commentary on Lovetel and the Completion of Luffy's Story

The one who leaked, says that the editor explains about Laftel as follows. The kingdom that is now known as Bluff Tail was huge, as the continent in which this kingdom was located extended to nearly half of the current world, and it included all of Buff, Wano, and Whiskey Peak. Rhode Star Island is not part of the kingdom, but it is a place that you need to pass through to reach the capital Kingdom, back to the main story

Luffy wandered around the kingdom, but he did not meet Deras, who is 18 years old, and who runs in the palace to try to catch a rare butterfly. His silhouette and Luffy look very similar, the main difference is that Deras has a scar in the opposite eye. This is the first time he heard a similar heartbeat

Part Three: I'm sorry

According to what was leaked, he says: One of the chapters will be titled: I'm Sorry, and the title relates to what Luffy said to Deras. Deras is the former user of the Nika Nika no Mi fruit 900 years ago.

Part 4: Luffy back to the future

The word I'm sorry are the last words that Luffy said before he returned to the future. The helmet that Luffy was wearing, which was the same helmet worn by the palace guards who are robots, fell off, and until this moment, Im did not see Luffy's face, but he saw the straw hat that Luffy was hiding under the helmet that Fallen, we go back to the present, Im-sama's room, the flower room, Im remembers the first time he saw Shanks, the young man in the straw hat, and thinks he's the man he saw talking to Dairis 900 years ago.

Part Five: The next island is Elbaf - Fable

The main topic in Buff is basically about legends. As you know, the opposite of the word Buff is Faible, which means legend, and in this arc you will get the answer to almost all the legends in One Piece, and there are not many phtals there, but in my opinion it is one of the most important arcs in One Piece. Pace, the Buff is the true base of the group of expert scientists and is a place for the private training of many Devil Fruit users in order to awaken their fruits and their true powers - and the true awakening is when the user gathers | All his real abilities and creates a completely new ability and strength, this is what Vegabank did with Luffy and Franky

Part VI Dragon and Luffy meeting

Luffy meets Dragon, Vegabank gives the Kuma Memory to Bonnie, Vegabank's huge brain is on Dragon's ship, Robin meets Soul, Luffy meets King Loki who recently became king through his grandfather, there is no news about Loki's father but Loki mentioned that he has been missing for 60 years

Part VII: More about the Old Kingdom

Uranus is a spacecraft capable of traveling to the moon, however it is an armed spaceship capable of mass destruction and uses electricity as its main source of energy but Vegabatik only uses thermal energy as a source of energy] Uranus was used to destroy the ancient kingdom 900 years ago and yet it was not the destruction of the kingdom Old enough to erase it completely, even though it was fragmented, and the destruction affected the frozen ice that was like a dam, which led to a rise in the level of fresh water, and the water level rose dramatically, and many parts of the kingdom were flooded.

Some of them diverged and so the ice age began

Part VIII: The impact of the kingdom's destruction on the world

The influence of Uranus with the great flood led to the ejection of islands and lands into the sky, which covered a lot of sunlight, after that the world lived 100 years of winter and complete darkness with the help of Agashi [Poseidon 900 years ago] transporting some important things and effects via Noah's Ark to hide them on an island The Amphibians One of the things is Deras' apology letter for not being able to fulfill the promise to Agashi and he speaks in it that he is sorry and informs him that in 900 years a man will appear and fulfill this promise in the sky for the amphibians to see the sun and feel its warmth

Part Nine: Zunisha

Zunisha is now 100 years old, and he is one of the guardians of the ancient kingdom. His master is from the Al-Koraki clan. He ordered him to protect something, but he failed to do so. He indirectly caused something that the leaker did not want to disclose because it is important and may cause trouble if it leaks]

Zunesha, the head of the Kozuki clan, orders them never to return to Wano, not before another thousand years. The borders of Wano are closed after about 100 years due to some important events that occurred and forced them to do so.

Part X: Immortality

In the middle of the past century, Im-sama was operated on after he managed to de-aging himself somehow. And the defeat of Joey Boy was announced, and some prophecies begin to spread that after 800 years Nika will reappear. Purification operations begin by Im during the next few decades, the Poneglyph begins to spread, Wano is closed, the government is formed, Uranus is hidden, Poseidon no longer exists, and Pluton has disappeared after Dump it down Wano 

Part Eleven: How the first Log Boss was made by Vegayank

Although the ancient kingdom was a huge supercontinent, the different parts that were divided from it possessed a unique earth-like magnetic material and the area that contains the highest density of magnetic materials is Rhode Star Island in the past when water flowed downstream from Rhode Star To the ancient kingdom, the land from the ancient continent closest to the road star was the highest density, and the land farthest from the road star was the one that had the lowest magnetic density. From traveling the entire place without getting lost and thus the first Log Boss was formed and this is why the islands that are far from the Road Star need one compass and those closest to the Road Star need three compasses

Part Twelve: The Hidden Treasure of Marjoa

To first prepare for the dark winter that lasted a hundred years before nine hundred years during the hundred years. Many of Deras' allies were hunted down and annihilated across the various fragmented lands. Many allies of the Twenty Nations were also annihilated. There were many dead from both sides of the war. The corpses were buried, but due to the cold winter for a hundred years, the corpses did not decompose. They froze and were honored. The corpses of some individuals invisibly and words began to pass from person to person until I reached Lyme, which began a purge that lasted nearly half a century, and the corpses of these individuals were stolen and stored in a room currently frozen in Argoa, but the real secret of Margoa is actually a man-made energy source, something. Like a battery, but an advanced type that generates energy on its own, which is the only way for Uranus to work with

Part Thirteen: The Hidden Treasure of Marjoua [Part Two]

When this power source is not used, it must be kept in a very cool place because it preserves the life span of this power source.

However, over the years that passed, the temperature in the world of One Piece slowly began to recover and became hotter than it was even in the Void Century, which made the energy source suffer and begin to run out and malfunction, and the last time the room was refrozen was by the previous user of the Ice Fruit. And when the government wanted to use Aokiji to refreeze the room, they were surprised that he was with the pirates, and this is one of the stories that made me laugh the most. But Kuzan knows about the frozen corpses and Doflamingo knows about the energy and the frozen corpses so if the room is not frozen again soon they will lose this energy source and they didn't even know Vegabatk about this, but the situation got worse when Sabu attacked the Margoa which because of its fruit and its presence in the climate of Argoa The fusion process began to accelerate, and for this IMO had to eliminate him as soon as possible. The Gerusi felt relieved that Sabu died in Lulucia, although he

he did not die

Part Fourteen: A short account of the origin of Rhode Star Island

Rhode Star Island originates from the sky. It is a celestial body that has a different formula than all the things in the One Piece world.

Part XV: The Final War

The final war began in One Piece due to the clash between two black beard yonko against Shanks' crew, and there will be an unexpected ally for this fight fighting alongside Shanks, and in the middle of the fight there will be deaths, and something Shanks said to Baggy a long time ago will come true immediately after Shanks clash And Blackbeard will finally know about the Shanks dynasty and the role of his ancestors 900 years ago

to cut

It's time to finally open the borders of Wano. Under the leadership of Momonosuke, Inurashi and Nikamomoshi set sail for Zou, and Zunesha is shown something from the past. A flashback to history nine hundred years ago begins. Touching, it will make you cry, and we return to the present. Zunisha arrives at Wano and opens the borders. He uses his hose to smash the rocks and boulders that surround Wano, which were holding fresh water inside, and the secrets of Wano are revealed in all their greatness.

Momonsky addresses his people and reveals to them the full history of Wano, which was recorded in Odin's notebook. With Zunesha's help, the citizens begin to descend into the real Wano. After several chapters, Pluton is revealed to be a majestic warship of mass destruction, half of which is buried, with something carved on one side. From the warships, a message from Kitha, the chief of the Kuroki clan, nine hundred years ago, that Pluton was sunk by the Kuroki clan. There are three packages next to Pluton

Part Sixteen: The Final War [Part Two]

Teach arrives at Wano, his mistake is to steal the Pluton, Teach was unable to absorb the Pluton with his ability because it was covered in condensed Kairosuke. The Navy arrives with Seraphim Kuma, and it is possible that there are more than one Seraphim as well, and they are led by Vigonora, and Kobe and Helmbo are also present. And a fight will happen between the samurai and the mink against the beard crew against the marine. Vigonora spoke with Kuzan recently

Back to the Marjos, Im talking to a man and woman from the Vigerland family nine hundred years ago.

Part XVII: Vegabank joins the revolutionary army

Vegabank needs a Dragon to provide him with a white Din-Din-Mushi, he will make a special kind of him called Din-Din-Mushi Gray, able to synchronize his brainwaves and Din-Din-Mushi will be able to send waves to many other Din-Din-Mushi Vegabank has something important he wants to share with the rest the scientist

Part XVIII: Uranus Uranus is a ship that sails in the sky and space, and more than nine hundred years ago, a group of people sailed from space to the sea below, and they are among the lunar creatures known in One Piece as the Minx, and they are a fictional race from the moon, and before the Minx leader descended to The king of the minks told him not to forget the gift they had, which is electricity, which saved their entire dynasty, and most importantly, not to forget that they have families waiting for them to come back here, and if they miss them, they just have to look up and search.

About the blue moon where their family is and their roots began

Part Nineteen: Hundreds of years after the last part

The minks escaped and remained hidden and lived on the back of the Ronisha since the fall of the ancient kingdom and Uranus was stolen by Im and the twenty countries that call themselves rulers to denote themselves, and they began to wear air masks and climb to the top of the Red Line after the end of the ancient war and marijuana was built And Uranus was hidden and used only when necessary, and the Lunarbon were once part of the people who traveled from space to the sea. Line to convince the lunarians to come back and they are all friends after all, back to the present. King finally understood something he heard his family said once

when he was young

Part twenty: a small leak

Enel will be back

Part twenty one: Vegabank theories

A long time ago, the Reverse Mountain did not exist. However, what lies under the current reverse mountain is a very large sea volcano. Because of the use of Uranus during the ancient war, the impact of the bombing caused the sea volcano to erupt for many years. Over the years and especially in the winter, the lava that erupted quickly cooled and formed a mountain made of lava rock. We pass to a 3D model of the globe as envisioned by Dr. Clover. The 3D model of the world by Clover shows that the world is a larger celestial body with many "moons" orbiting the world of Bon Bess. Finally we get to the other side of the model: there lies the sun. Based on Dr. Clover's theory, not only do many "moons" revolve around the world, but the Sun itself revolves around the world as well. Vegabank explained that over the years he had come to a different conclusion than Dr. Clover's: all celestial bodies revolve around the sun. He proudly displays his new 3D model of the universe. The sun is the largest object now with many other celestial bodies revolving around the sun. He continues by explaining that maybe without the Sun and One Piece

There can be no hope for us. The sun is the first thing we wake up to see every day. The sun brings hope

Part Twenty One: The Inverted Mountain

Due to the impact of the bombing after the events of the Old Kingdom, the axis of Bon Piece's world has tilted slightly. The tilted realm further concentrated 'power' in the middle of the lava rock mountain. Over the next few decades, the "force" resulted in water flowing from all four seas towards [and into] the lava rock mountain and because of the paths that the water took in eroding parts of the lava rock mountain and creating a new path known as the fifth path [this is the path taken by the crew of Straw Hat to enter the Grand Line]. Over time, this area became known around as the Inverted Mountain and as more and more water flowed onto this fifth track it formed a scramble in the oceanic regions beside it. Thus the quiet belts are formed because of the balance reached to travel around the world, people can no longer simply cross

To him between the "forward" flow of this water the thrust against the "backward" flow of water from the other four seas [I don't think I explained it very well, but I hope I got my point] and finally

from one sea to another. They have to make a perilous journey by crossing the Grand Line

Part Twenty-Three: A Small Leak of the End At the end of One Piece, there will be no fruit user left in the story

Part Twenty-Four: The Final War, Part Four

Fujitora makes a decision before he gets to Wano, Aokiji contacts Baishou [himself Vegetora]. Aokiji questions the good and the bad in this world and wonders if the Marines or even the World Government represent the good in this world

In his time away from the Navy, Aokiji has traveled to many places and talked to many people over the past two years, something he was unable to do when he was an Admiral in the Navy.

The first of three flashbacks we'll get begins with Kuzan [Aokiji's] flashback. It seems there are some "truths" in this world that the world government is trying hard to cover up. Kuzan met Dragon and learned some of the world's history.

Dragon tattoos represent important events in his life. Each of the inner squares contains a "jewel", and the outer square represents his conviction to protect these jewels. The first "Gem" represents the O'Hara Incident

The End of Kuzan's Three Memories Kuzan told Isshu [Fujitora] to always question this world The worst form of blindness is the blindness of the heart, not the eyes

Back to the Present - Isshu wonders why the world government decided they should do everything they can to get Pluton. Shichibukai has already been disbanded. Gone are the most powerful legends of the older generation - Whitebeard, Kaido and Big Mom who will appear in the future alive with the Seraphim under their control. And the results of the SSG's research are in their hands. Why is the world government constantly seeking power and leaving the dead wherever they go? Isho remembers the report he heard about Wano and the alliance led by Luffy. He thinks again of Luffy and Dressrosa. Ishu decided to protect Pluton and not allow the world government to take over it

Part Twenty-Five: History of the Marines, Sword Squad and Shield [Shield is CP Zero in general]

The main purpose of the shield [CP Zero] is deterrence and denial. It deters anything that leads to perpetuating the Old Kingdom ideology and denying the freedom to make decisions or know anything related to the Old Kingdom. Its secondary purpose is to act as an early warning system and eliminate all potential dangers/dangerous people even If only there was no strong evidence against them. They are also activated to stand on the sidelines of major wars [Dressrosa, Wano, etc.] to monitor and report directly to the Gerusi, by order of Im, they commanded them immediately after the events of Wano previously. They are also involved in major assassinations around the world. They have hackers in all the affiliated countries under the world government. The SHIELD members are the ones who assassinated Cobra. The SHIELD members are the ones who kidnapped Fifi. Their main value is absolute justice and quick revenge on all fronts. The Sword [Sword] was created after the Shield, as a more active and visible faction in contrast to the Shield faction, which operates covertly. The enmity between the shield and the sword is only due to the "competition" between the two factions, to see which faction has more achievements there will be graphs showing some additional details but it is not very interesting in my opinion. Back to the sword. Their main goal is retribution - a swift, decisive and devastating attack using any and all means. Sword members are all chosen by nomination, eg Sengoku chooses Drake, XDrake chooses Kobe, Kobe chooses Helmbo, etc. Shield members are all chosen by the highest marine authorities [such as Sakazuki] and even the world government - Jerusei Sword members do not believe in absolute justice and in final war, the Sword will betray the government. the scientist

Part twenty-six: A small leak is close

Frankie's story is coming sooner than you expect. Get ready for it

Part Twenty Seven: The Final War - Part Six Titled: The Man Who Believes in the Creator

The one who leaked says that this part is still going to be modified by Oda, but it is his initial idea

Narrator: 55 years ago, somewhere in West Blue a baby was born in a war-torn country. Because of the war the country was left in poverty with few resources financially and militarily. The baby's father died just one day before he was born. There was a lot of looting and killing rampant across the country. The child grew up, he was raised by his single mother. No matter what happens, a single mother never fails to do one thing: tell her child she loves them and then send them to sleep/sleep every night. This continues as the child progresses. ... 3 years.. 4 years.. 5 years.. and so on

The child grew up being bullied and having his things taken away by other people. Over time, anger flared up in him. He and some other kids started strategizing how to get revenge and fights broke out for a long time. Kid and his gang begin to loot those they once stole from. Then food and water were shared with people who needed it. The child believes that justice and kindness should always exist in this world. Just like his mother did. And if there is no ruler who can do justice, then he himself will serve justice in his stead

Part Twenty-eight: The Final War - Part Seven

Titled: A sequel to the story of the child

For some reason, the people this kid shared food and water with, one day betrayed his trust. These people would take turns kicking/hitting the kid's mom when he was out. These people were threatened and forced to do so by the people the child took revenge on. I let the mother bleed | angrily to the ground. Next to her was an almost finished knitted toy dog ​​that she wanted to give to the child. It is now covered in blood red. Carrying his mother to the bed, he reciprocated his mother's love by rocking her on the bed, just as she always did, as she lay there. After a short period of swing

The single mother fell into an eternal sleep. Since then, he has never believed in the kindness of people. Everything happens for self-interest. He vowed absolute justice and the elimination of all possible sparks of evil, no matter how small the spark. Better to kill a hundred innocent people than let an evil person escape with his face and body covered in his mother's blood, attack all involved

Which is now known as the dog of justice Akainu, who will die during the last war and his last words

She will be

Maybe it all happened for a reason God seems to really exist after all

Part Twenty Nine: A Small Leak There will be a fight between Zoro and Kizaru in the second round

Part 30: The birth of 4 rulers

Long ago, before the flourishing of the Old Kingdom civilization, the environment was much harsher than the present. All over the giant continent, the people of space saw many sea inhabitants living in harsh conditions: lack of warmth, lack of food, lack of water, etc., famines due to drought were common. Diseases were common. Fatalities were common. The space dwellers shared plant seeds with the blue sea dwellers from where they came from. The seed is uniquely found in Fairy in Earth. These seeds later spread to many trees that we now call the Adam tree and the Eve tree. Over the years, people began to give thanks and at the same time pray under the trees. Life, though a little better, was still tough. One day, a special fruit was born. Then the second. Then the third. Then the fourth. They were born directly from [.the strongest desires and dreams of the collective people. [There is also a backstory/chapter on haki] Fruit No. 1: The ability to make Fruit No. 2: The ability to save [feed] Fruit No. 3: The ability to persist Fruit No. 4: The ability to live Users of these fruits, in the near future, are known as Ruler of the Earth, Ruler of the Forest, Ruler of the Rain and Ruler of the Sun in order 

Part thirty-one: The birth of demons

Over the years, as life improves exponentially, people want more and more. So what greed as a result. Then came a period known as the Great Fall. Many fruits began to give strange abilities depending on what people desired. During this period a certain Devil Fruit was born. One of them is the ability to destroy. This was later known as the Dark Fruit Yami Yami no Mi. The Birth of Guardian Fruits Later, many more Guardians were born, such as the Yamato Okichi no Mi fruit for example.

Part XXXII: The Great War in the Past

After that, a major war broke out, where the guards defeated the demons, and the four rulers defeated the absolute demon with the fruit of darkness, and the yami yami no mi and other fruits were hidden, and then the old kingdom was established, and after a few hundred years, the order became the old kingdom, called Deras is the user of the Nika fruit known later Baljoy Boy

Part Thirty-Three: Rulers of the Present Age

Rulers of the present age Ruler of the Sun: Luffy, Ruler of Rain: Dragon, Ruler of the Forest: It hasn't been announced yet that it's not Ryukugyu. She is the female ruler of Earth: not announced yet. It's related to Shanks. He is a male of the Vigarland family. Current Era Demon: Teach - He will awaken all his fruit power. Im has the power to control the seas. The first time we see M's face will be when the Straw Hat crew arrives at Rhode Star Island. ruler of the earth besides im. With this, Im rules the sea, the earth, and the sky [ Enel Uranus is captured]. Beard alliance with with im

Part thirty-four: The death of an important person in the story is a short diversion

Shanks... will die in Love Tale. Based on my source, Oda is still finishing The Last War story. Once I know more, I will devote a long post specifically to revealing details about the war, from

start to finish

Part thirty-five: a sad short diversion

Something really sad will happen between... Luffy and Law. This will happen later, at the end of the One Piece manga around chapters 5-10 before the final chapter

Part thirty-six: a sad short diversion

The Sunny Gu's Gaon Cannon technique looked like a baby when compared to the Ancient Kingdom's technique Franky is sad because Vegabank laughed at the ship's most powerful weapon With the help of Vegabank the Sunny's ship is being upgraded and getting more powerful This is further enhanced by using a certain aspect of the Pluton Blueprint It is said that if an unknown fuel or power source can be used instead then Thousand Sunny might From destroying a small island. Tony Tony Chopper finally wakes up right Usopp perfect mastery of observation haki. Of all the Seraphim, none of them will be able to use Haki

Part thirty-seven: a short leak

Also, near the end of One Piece, Luffy finally gets to try swimming for the first time in his life and then drowns

Part thirty-eight: The sound of everything

The ancient robots are "connected" / "desired" to all people with the same blood as the descendants of people from the Old Kingdom. It seems to have something to do with what is now known as the ancestry factor. Also, this is why different people/creatures can sometimes find people and other things associated with them by chance. That's why the ancient robot went to Marijoa 200 years ago. This is also the reason why Luffy can easily find the old robot. This is also why, at major events around the world, people somehow appear just in time. and that is . The reason is also because Dragon seemed to save Luffy just in time in Log Town. This is known as

The sound of all things

Part thirty-nine: a small leak

Sanji awakens Haki

On the occasion of the presence of Mads on the cover of Chapter 1070, I will reveal something about them. Madre scientists have cloned many things. Tashigi is cloned from Koina with the knowledge of Shimotsuke Koshiro. Tashigi was taken away from Koshiro [somewhat willingly] so that she [Tashiji] could live the way she wanted.

[Quina] always wanted it

Part 40: The Sun, Farewell, and the Straw Hat

Long ago when sailors set off into the unknown to explore unknown regions, they always waved to the families they left behind in the port of their home islands slowly, as the ship sails farther and farther away, their home island becomes smaller and smaller, disappearing into the horizon what remains, is just a picture of the big sun on the horizon Far away, she leads sailors into the unknown with the bright rays of the sun. Many years later, nearing the end of the ancient war, when Diras and his friends had sailed away from their fragmented homeland, Diras remarked, "Look at the sunset tonight When the sun rises again from the sea, that is all. Some of us will come again with their families and friends." And they eat food and spread laughter and drink Doesn't the sun on the sea look just like the straw hat I wear? Since then, the straw hat symbolizes the coming of the dawn. When the dawn comes again this 9-millennium-old dream will come true

Part forty-one: Love Tale and Gol D. Roger

When he sets foot on the lost island of Love Tale [or what is left of the Old Kingdom], among the many things they see one of the things is an old story about the Old Kingdom. Since the birth of civilization there, people living there, the struggles they encountered, the discovery of new technologies, and the fall of civilization. All of these things are stored in an old - but automated "snail". At the end of the recording, just as Roger is about to walk away, the recording lights up again. It is the last message Diras recorded. Diras speaks "directly" to Roger. He told stories of his travels and the friends he made. Deras also spoke of destiny, destiny, and dreams that bind people through time. As long as there are people who want freedom, and as long as there are people who are enslaved, there will be things and people who will be bound/associated.[?]. Near the end of the recording, Roger laughed. However, when he later sails away, he mentions to his crew that he also feels regret at being unable to see a world where freedom is the rule. He wished he had lived through the Joy Boy period and shared a sake or two. Diras also mentioned a boy from the future. A boy holding a straw hat represents the coming of dawn. He will be the one who carries all of everyone's weight across the millennia and saves everyone from those who represent the opposite of what freedom really is. With this in mind, Roger ignites the fire of desire upon his execution.

Part 42: False Red Leg and Quinn

Red Leg Zeff and Quinn The Plague For those who don't remember who they are, Zeff is now staying in West Blue at the [Barati] Restaurant while Quinn is staying in the Grand Lane and is an idiot. They are brothers who have grown apart due to differences in values, the most notable difference being that Quinn attacks women without any hesitation. Their mother's death played a role in separating them from each other during their teenage years. Anyway, that's the origin of how and why Zeff never hit a woman. Then, she passed that value on to Sanji

Part 43: Amphibian Island, Sea Jungle, and Joy Boy's Promise

and Eve's tree, and the end of all devil's fruit

900 years ago, before the destruction of the Old Kingdom and also before the Great Flood [in Part 7], the sea level was significantly lower. Amphibian Island - Sea Forest The Sea Forest was originally a wild forest 900 years ago. Due to the floods, the sea level rose dramatically and consumed all the land which is now known as Amphibian Island. Joey's Promise The promise Joey Boy made to Amphibian Island is not to raise the entire Amphibian Island to 10,000 feet above the sun. The promise was to destroy the Red Line and restore the water level to the original level so that the sun would shine directly on the people who inhabited Amphibian Island. However, without the right people and the right items, Deras wouldn't have been able to do it. This is one of the greatest regrets in his heart, which he apologized to Poseidon Agashi more than 800 years ago. Eve's Tree The Eve tree wasn't originally that tall. However, in the centuries it was buried under the sea, it never died. However, it is constantly looking for sunlight and over the course of nearly a thousand years of searching for the sun, Eve's tree has grown very tall. The End of All Devil Fruits At the end of One Piece, there will be no more powerful Devil Fruits. The reason why Devil Fruit users become a hammer

And they drown whenever they touch the sea not because Mother Nature hates them [“edit: what I mean is that the real reason is not so simple” because Mother Nature hates manipulation] or because of any random “illiterate logic” - the real reason is the eternal craving for the “fruits” that desire Return to the original soil/land that is a thousand feet below current sea level All fruit users have an innate desire to return to where they were "born", an innate intuition

was lost over time

Part forty-four: Marshall D. Teach and Monkey D. Luffy

Awakening Tetch will not involve absorbing the powers of other Devil Fruits for his own use, by getting used to Tetch's ability to use more than one Devil Fruit's power due to his having more than one heart and circulatory system each system that does not mix with the other will drag Luffy Teach into Dreamland, where they will both fight in Dreamland . The battle will end with Teach sleeping forever. Luffy is the one who will return the Devil Fruit to "normal", thus the disappearance of all Devil Fruits forever.

The forty-fifth and final part: Smile fruits will be treated

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